Lisa Daly Uses Lyrics as Inspiration for Artwork

Photographer Lisa Daly shares her lyrical inspiration for her upcoming work in Once In A Lifetime.

“For this exhibition I took my inspiration from the lyrics of the Talking Heads song ‘Once in A Lifetime.’ When creating new work I find having structure or limitations, whether it’s a theme, a technical requirement, or a specific goal, helps me to be more creative and think outside the box. Sometimes structure creates the perfect powder keg for creativity to explode from.

I listened to ‘Once In A Lifetime’ on repeat many times and got into the vibe of it. I found that places and structures really caught my eye, as well as the theme of water. My piece titled ‘How Did I Get Here’ embodies exactly what I was thinking as I watched the scene unfold. The light in the window holds the key for me, among the back drop of the smoking chimney and a mountain turned red by the dawn light. Perhaps the person inside was thinking the same thing as I captured this moment.

Lisa Daly Photography

How Did I Get Here by Lisa Daly Photography

The “Into the Blue Again” image gripped me by the pattern and the color created by the water at dawn. As the bird lands down to rest there is a peacefulness and a natural sense of ritual and ease. Water had been on my mind and this felt like a moment I wanted to share.

Lisa Daly Photography

“Into the Blue Again” by Lisa Daly Photography

Two of my pieces were works from a shoot I did this summer that I revisited. I had been in Housatonic, Massachusetts and my Mom wrote to tell me that I was very close to where my Grandmother grew up. I had never been there and felt drawn to the spot. I went on a photo adventure taking lots of pictures not knowing exactly what I was looking for, but feeling like I was capturing something truly special. When the idea for this exhibition came up, the lyrics same as it ever was and letting the days go by continued to conjure for me the images from that lane. These words have a lot of personal meaning for me, but also show an unchanging world among an ever-changing world. Things are always different, and always the same. All at the same time.

Working on these photographs has been a wonderful challenge that I truly embraced. I’m delighted to be showing my work with such amazing artists.”

Join Lisa Daly as well as Andrzej Dutkanicz, Andre Eamiello, Teresa Fortsch, Andres Madariaga, Nick Robinson and Alexandra Shaheen for the Once In A Lifetime opening reception Thursday,  February 6, from 5-7pm at Sumner McKnight Crosby Jr. Gallery at the Arts Council of Greater New Haven. Following the reception will be an after party hosted by Ordinary on Chapel Street featuring live music by Brian Kiss.

Get all the details here


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