Recent Works by Andres Madariaga

“I recently met Andres Madariaga at an art opening and gravitated to his friendly energy. He joined me and a few friends for drinks afterwards and we talked about art and his transition from Colombia to New Haven. I was finally introduced to his artwork at City Wide Open Studios and immediately gravitated towards his use of bold colors that brightened the room he was showcasing in during alternative space weekend at the armory. When discussing his art Andres’ inspiration falls perfectly in line with everything this show is about. He says, ‘I  have always been interested in the relationship of other  art forms and how they interact with each other.’ Be sure to visit the Once In A Lifetime exhibition opening February 6, 2014 at Sumner McKnight Crosby Jr. Gallery at the Arts Council of Greater New Haven. Andres will present new work that ‘invites you to step in, find your own symbols and embrace yourself into the dream.’”

– Stephen Grant, Curator


Artwork by Andres Madariaga


Artwork by Andres Madariaga


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