Getting Lost with Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson is a painter, graphic designer, and musician. He says, “I create paintings from my digital artwork, and create digital artwork from my paintings. My means of art-making consists of harnessing texture and color to depict dream-like landscapes and worlds within a frame. It is a continuous discovery process where the subject matter ranges in order to materialize the gap that resides between the imaginary and the real. Quite metaphorically, the process is the journey, always shaping and building with acrylic, oil, ink, or pixel. The constant search for creating atmospheres in my artwork parallels the constant search for myself. When I do find what I’m looking for, it’s time to get lost again and create something new.” Expect to see something new at the Once In A Lifetime exhibit opening February 6, 2014 at Sumner McKnight Crosby Jr Gallery at the Arts Council of Greater New Haven.

Nightlife by Nick Robinson

Nightlife by Nick Robinson

Steps & Shadows by Nick Robinson

Steps & Shadows by Nick Robinson



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