The Exhibition

As a child I was fascinated by imagination. Using only the thoughts in my head I felt like a superhero with the ability to live beyond the walls of my shared bedroom. I was a pop star when I played drums using old shoeboxes and coffee tins, and a radio show host when I introduced music back to back with 2 mini stereos. Creativity became my portal to a world where there are no rules in being yourself.

My love for creativity is what this show is all about. I have compiled a group of talented artists that share the same passion for art as I do. I wanted to create a collection of different artistic perspectives featuring emerging artists in the New Haven area. Everything from collages and mix media to photography and abstract art will be represented in this show.

The title comes from the Talking Heads song of the same name. Last summer I got my hands on David Byrne’s, How Music Works and connected to his stories about music and stage. As Byrne discussed his career with  Talking Heads I noticed how every aspect of the music industry inspired him. He was always searching for creativity at concerts and on the road. You see this in the music video for “Once in a Lifetime” that features a dance routine influenced by Japanese street dance and other cultural movements. Byrne never limited himself to one style of art. His music represents all forms of creative expression.

I am thrilled to present Once In A Lifetime, a collective art exhibition featuring artwork by Lisa Daly, Andrzej Dutkanicz, Andre Eamiello, Teresa Fortsch, Andres Madariaga, Nick Robinson and Alexandra Shaheen.

Stephen Grant, Curator
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